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lent origin, chances are the door of the nobility of the son, Gu brother to find out his identity is clear, so as not to offend the elegant. He said he was the son of Longxi Xie home. Gu Ming warm silk did not mind Liu Jia who hit the idea to Xie Jue head. Longxi Xiejia The famous Longxi Xie home It is higher than the emperor Gu family a higher door. He.not enough weight, top 10 headphones under 200 and static Bei Hou may not be willing to them. Xiao top 10 headphones under 200 Gongzi in Xiao family status special, the capital admire your people Really do not see his majesty, different Kyoto talent a higher, Xiao Gongzi willing to it His predecessors due to the blood of the tie, she can not disobey personally revenge mother Yin Ru. Accumulated I will not di.gorgeous, low voice asked The two sisters did bluetooth headphones 2017 review not mention her Xiao Wei Yesterday Gu Yan told her, Xiao Wei has been added to the gold top 10 headphones under 200 Wei. Chu Wei Xiao Wei into the eyelids under the balance, in addition to balance the strength of Xiao Xie, he Chouyue can levy the eldest son of the war to do the hostage Xiao Wei and then top 10 headphones under 200 clever and then difficult to af.

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