Williamsburg is “park poor,” ranking 46th out of 51 districts in the city by New Yorkers for Parks. The Southside of Williamsburg is particularly disadvantaged compared to the Northside of the neighborhood, which has 15 times the amount of park space per person. Not only is the amount of park space per person on the Southside extremely low, the park space that does exist is primarily hardscape. The few bits of grass in Southside parks are fenced off and inaccessible. Additionally the small size of neighborhood parks limits available programming. Unlike the Northside which has seen an enormous influx of wealth and new development in the past decade, the Southside as received fewer benefits and carries more burdens, including the adverse health impacts of living near the BQE expressway and the approach to/from the Williamsburg Bridge. BQGreen will bring equity to the long lasting problem of access to quality open space on the Southside, increasing park acreage by 30%.