Want to know more about the BQGreen? Watch our short film!


Melvin Estrella is a cinematographer and an award-winning producer. His films enjoy prestigious premiers and worldwide distribution. However, as a kid who grew up on the Southside, it was his involvement with the recently re-released 1984 documentary Los Sures, about a pre-gentrified Latino community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that he considered some of his most important work.


That’s until he met Diana Reyna and NBK Parks’ board members Dewey Thompson and Kate Bernstein. They told him about this visionary idea to address the toxic legacy of Robert Moses in Southside Williamsburg. The idea is called BQGreen.


The following is a short seven-minute short teaser for what one day they hope will be a feature-length story explaining how a neighborhood was historically cut in two by a massive highway now hopes to create a park out of thin air. 


Spanish (English subtitles)


English (Spanish subtitles)