You’re Invited! NBK Parks will host BQGreen Panel 12/08


Press Release via North Brooklyn Parks Alliance:

When the past is fraught and the present is unsure – we look to the future. North Brooklyn Parks Alliance is proud to present a three-part discussion this fall on infrastructure projects that will shape our future public space.


The first of three talks kicked off during Open House New York Weekend (10/17) and featured Greenpoint’s newest park, Under the K. Curious New Yorkers joined a virtual panel to hear how an otherwise an abandoned, inaccessible industrial section of Brooklyn was transformed into a soaring seven-acre El-space that is unlike any park in New York City.


For our second panel, Bushwick Inlet Park (11/12), we will celebrate New York as a global river city, examining Brooklyn’s historic 2005 waterfront rezoning in the age of climate change, as well as the creation (and complexities) of a new 27-acre park along the East River. And for our last panel, we do what New Yorkers do best: we look at an ambitious concept that many will say is impossible; and we see nothing but possibilities — BQGreen (12/08).


Speakers include; Diana Reyna, of Diana Reyna Strategic Consulting, Teresa Gonzalez, partner at Bolton St. Johns and the co-founder of DalyGonzalezMelvin Estrella, Director of BQGreen, Frances Lucerna, Executive Director of El PuenteJonathan Valzcones, Assistant Vice President- Community Reinvestment at MT Bank and Vaughn Perry, Equitable Development Manager for 11th Street Bridge Park.


This is a FREE virtual event hosted on zoom. SIGN UP IS REQUIRED
It runs 60 to 90 minutes and includes a Q&A
The event will be recorded. Follow NBK Park’s youtube channel for updates