Until BQGreen is built, the Friends of BQGreen are dedicated to making Marcy Green and Rodney Park more beautiful and welcoming to Southsiders in all seasons.

An Outdoor Community Center

The Friends of BQGreen are seeking to make Marcy Green and Rodney Park into outdoor community centers for the Southside by adding more health and wellness, community, arts and cultural, and food events that reflect the culture and traditions of the Southside.

Care and Maintenance

The Friends of BQGreen have begun a multi-year project focused on new plantings, increased cleanliness and improved overall maintenance of both parks. The following horticultural and maintenance tasks have been completed at Marcy Green Center in 2016:

  • Hundreds of flowering summer annuals were installed
  • Compost, soil, and fertilizer were added to all beds
  • Ongoing tending to plants has been performed
  • Sweeping paths and clearing trash
  • Repainting of the fences